Before explaining our services related to Industrial packing lets give you a general idea of the topic. Its actually the complete process of disassembling a certain component of a factory for example a production belt and then packing its fragile components in well suited specially built packings so that moving it doesn’t pose a threat.

At RC movers we have a whole department dedicated to the job. Since Industrial packing is mostly done at the site of the job our well trained experts are sent to completely analyse each and every aspect of the product concerned. It isn’t simply just planks of wood and assembling them together, no ! Monitoring its size, weight and strength our workers create the perfect packaging that is of the right thickness, weight and power built from the right materials to protect it like a tailored suit built specifically according to your product. Our strong industrial packaging not only preserves the product from external contamination but keeps it safe from any danger you can think of.

The quality of the packing will only be as good as the material used and at RC Movers Industrial Packing Division our entire aim is at providing quality. We start from excellent Quality materials and try to eliminate all chances of errors before the actual error occurs. Quality is tried to be maintained at all stages of the packing resulting in a packaging you will be happy rather than satisfied to place your valuable goods in. We specialize in a wide range of packaging solutions including On site crating and packing and Factory Dismantling and crating. Others include TriWall packings, Oil Rig Packings, custom corrugated packing and Project argo movement along with CardBoard pallets and trays. Our successful packings include many jobs for some of the largest corps in Dubai including water desalination plants, Switchgear, gas, oils and perfume manufacturing plants as well as gold manufacturing plants. Be it the largest goods like a generator or the smallest like laboratory tube, our workers and materials both work together to protect whats on the inside of our packings with the utmost care because it isn’t only our job, it’s our responsibility.