Things that are useless but too valuable to dispose off are dropped of often in the garage, store, attic or basement. The most common problems faced are often those of lack of space, unease of accessibility and things getting damaged. It isn’t really all that hard to solve these problems. Apart from our vast range of extensive and amazing services we specialize in providing vast storage solutions in the most optimum way to utilize the least space for maximum storage with protection guaranteed. You have to start right from the start and that is with what you pack, the preferable containers are the Plastic ones as they are much more durable than cardboard boxes and keep all sorts of pests outside and survive the harshest weather conditions protecting your goods. They can be a bit costly but is its cost worth more than your goods? After that is done the classification of the boxes will have to be done. Labeling the boxes with name tags just isn’t enough. Create complete lists of what’s inside and keep them safe so that when you take them out you have a record. Moving on how you organize them is the most important thing. Boxes should be arranged in groups, Bedrooms, Kitchen stuff. living room etc and you should leave a narrow passage to walk through to easily access the boxes whenever you wanted. Care should be taken in piling with the lightest at the top and heaviest at the bottom for a sturdy base. Place valuables at the back, commonly used things near entrances and fragile things away from heavy containers with enough air circulation to avoid weathering of valuables inside. If floor space seems less than shelves and walls can be made of various materials to enhance storage space. Getting creative will have its perks in the storage you plan so make sure to keep in mind these tips and tricks.

Storage Services in Dubai, UAE:

Apart from that RC Movers also has warehouses useful for storage purposes, Whether you want to keep your items there for long term or short term basis we will be happy to cater to your needs. You can pack yourself or receive our professional assistance and just in case always have a record/list what you are leaving with us. If you are wondering about the worst temperatures and conditions of the warehouses than you will be pleased to hear that our warehouses are temperature controlled as well as Pest controlled too so your goods receive the protection we promise. Want to get your items back, no Problem. Our delivery system transports you your goods at your door step. At RC Movers we don’t see a problem as a problem. Its just something waiting for a solution and we have plenty of solutions for your needs including Storage so ring us up and we’ll let you know what we’ve got in store.